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Did Salman Khan Follow’s a Secret Diet Plan

Salman Khan Diet Plan

Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan who is well known as Salman Khan, captured the  Indian cinema almost two decades ago but refuses to look a day older. Salman is not only loved for his fluent acting skills but also for the “model of inspiration” he is. His well sculpted body is the reason he is the reason several newbies could get inspired and come on the board. He is like the person who turns raw people into Gold, or you can call him a selfless Godfather. He manages to influence young brigade just because his body is still perfect from every inch and no surprise he is known as the “Shirtless Wonder” of Bollywood.

Salman is known as the most fit person of his age and for his regular dedication. He hardly missed his workout sessions till date, for him long and tight schedules are not an excuse to miss his gym.fiTales of his discipline and dedication are well surfaced on all talk shows, promptional events, etc. Salman always gave the credits of his success and charm to the fact he feels and looks so fit.  Here is a look at the diet that supports the Tiger of Indian film industry.

Salman Khan Diet Plan

His fitness schedules are tight and effective but you need to Club it with a perfect diet which asks for a couple of sacrifices. Salman surely had to go off his way and leave his favourite spicy food at a bay. Salman confessed his taste buds kept craving for Indian food like Pav bhajis, and Italian pizzas . He even had a sweet tooth and couldn’t do without Ice-creams.

His diet and fitness schedule went under drastic changes when the expert Manish Advilkar came on board as his trainer.  It believed that it was Manish’s diet that brought changes in her personality, looks, energy levels. Salman’s diet and Workout is possibly designed in such a way that it feeds him with maximum amount of proteins using components like fish, egg white, meat, and milk. These all products are protein rich and perfect to have with his kind of strict workout procedure.

Taking care of your portions and their protein is important but According to Salman, one should also avoid processed food and the ones that are packed using heavy quantity of salt and  sugar. He is fit because he two things work in his favor, his intakes are pre cautious and he makes sure that his workout kills 3000 calories in a day.


  • Salman takes 4 egg (whites) along with a glass of boiled milk without any sugar or sugar substitute.
  • Pre-workout:
  • Again 2 eggs (only white portion),  amino acid tablets plus his customised protein shake
  • Post workout:
  • He gorges on Crunchy Almonds, oats, 3 egg (only white) and a protein bar
  • Lunch: Vegetables of his choice and salad is a must and 5 chapatis in total.
  • Snack: A quick Protein bar
  • Dinner: Vegetables stock,  fish/chicken, 2 egg whites.

Features To Look Out For While Buying The Smart Phone

Androids are so in these days because of the wide range of features they offer from free applications to great camera quality, also they come in great looks. Android looks are becoming the talk of the town off lately.

Buying a new phone, you must look for key features as follows-

4G Network

One must consider the phone which must support 4G networks, which provide high speed networking. Till date not all Android phones in market come up with 4G network. So ensure that you check the specifications of your phone.


You have different options while selecting an Android device. You can select one that fulfills your needs, as every age group has different needs. Phone must not have full keyboard as it adds to bulk. Many upcoming devices are touchscreen but one must be careful with this. And one must consider size and resolution of the screen. Try the phone in different lighting conditions, as it can adversely affect the screen. And see how display looks like.


All phones differ with their features as well as with prices. All Android phones come up with 12 megapixel and some offers camera in front for conferencing. Some phones provide with feature of capturing photos while making a video. Make sure you choose the best one as per your need.


All phones run on the different Android OS and didn’t get updated version as soon as possible. This is one of the weakness of the Android OS and to have to search before buying a set. Try to buy a latest version of Android phone, so that you don’t have to upgrade it. Update schedule is quite complex but it’s main strength is open source background which means anyone can develop apps for Android. This helps Android market to grow.


The specifications of two Android phones can be similar, but the device made by them may work differently. That means, phone made by Samsung may work differently one made by Micromax. Some companies  overlays Android OS, which changes changes its interface. For example, Samsung uses TouchWiz as a interface, which adds to different phone features and resources effortlessly. Similarly, Motorola uses MotoBlur, which agglomerates info from different networks. These additional interfaces vary from company to company. In different phones from same company, you might experience a lot different in them too.

Before buying, research for the upcoming Android phones that will be realising soon. You can head to various local stores and look for choices. So that you can check for reviews of phones that you like and want to buy. There will always be a situation like whether to buy now or wait for new phone you are thinking of. As technology is improving and changing instantly.

Omg Hwang Kwanghee Had Plastic Surgery

Hwang Kwanghee

Hwang Kwanghee is mononymously as Kwanghee, and he is the member of South Korean boyband ZE:A headed by Star empire entertainment. The band debuted with single Mazeltov in 2010. He is popular for his variety show. He hold a Guinness World Record for wearing most T- shirts in “2011 Environment Day”. In 2012, he grabbed the role in Marrying The Mafia 5, Ronin Pop and Gladiators of Rome 3D. He also worked in several variety shows including Office reality- Ze, Ze ritonjeu, Strong Heart, Star Golden bell, Let’s go! Dream Team, MBC Star Battle and Weekly Idol. He officially sing some of the music videos that includes Mazeltov, All day long, my only wish, heart for 2, daily daily, phoenix and breathe.

1. Nose Job

Kwanghee had a naturally broader bridge. He had genuine reasons for undergoing a nose job, he confessed that he found it way to broader than usual and rather preferred a bridge that is narrower. Rhinoplasty was the way to his success, it’s the surgery that enhances and chisel downs the nose cut.   His surgeon was his magician who gave him “a fresh breath of air” in the form of a nose.

2. Face Lift

He had a pointed tip and a longer face cut. After passing years in the music industry, he found the need to get a much round face.As a result, now his nose is shaped to perfection and complements his charm.He converted his genetically oval face into a round one using surgeon’s knife. This boy band singer now owns a face cut which he crafted on his own, he didn’t have to rely on genes for.His entire face looks lifted and this treatment is also anti-ageing.

3. Jawline Surgery

His Jawline surgery is well known, as the shape and are of his jaw has changed significantly. The jaw area should be subtle and well crafted, if you are going to be on the camera for most of your life. Any trace of excess skin around that area steals away all the charm and make you look fatter for no reason.

A good jawline, lifted face and great rhinoplasty, what else do you need to make a fortune, in glam world. This is  the maximum luck you can bid for. Fortunately, the entire jawline complements the other tiny augmentation procedures and adds heavy amount of charm to his already pleasing personality.

4. Skin Color

Who does crave for a few shades lighter, no matter how much you are against racism. Kwanghee, once got all the features at a place with above mentioned exceptionally brilliant surgeries. He just got smitten with the urge of perfection and couldn’t resist himself from getting his facial skin polished a bit lighter than before.

How To Groom Your Nails

How To Groom Your Nails

Every part of your body is as essential as the food you eat. It is important to take care of your nails the similar way as you take care of your hair and skin because even they form an important part of your body. Talking about finger nails is surely not talking about nail polish application or trimming the, it’s about grooming them and taking care of them. A simple manicure would definitely not mean that you groom your nails well; it is all about how you keep them. So here we have a small list of nail grooming techniques that will help you to flaunt them better because you never know when you would have to shake hands with a star.

Nail filing: Probably the most important thing to groom your nails is that you trim and file them well. Usually people end up cutting nails in a very rough manner and end up filing them. So the best way to file your nails is to file them in one direction to avoid any rough ends. Do not file them to and fro, just follow a direction and you will get smooth edges and perfect nails.

Never trim your cuticle: While you cut your nails, be sure of the fact that you cut till a level and not till the very deep level. Also what people usually does is that they end up cutting their cuticular skin which actually hurts bad. Just avoid that thin layer and if at all accidently you scrap it just don’t pull it back and let it be there or may be cut it till the very level with a nail cutter or while bathing when skin becomes soft.

Never furbish: Usually people apply nail coats till their nails become glossy and shiny. So never buff and apply the right amount of coat needed, otherwise the chemicals in the polishes may destroy the general protein in your nails and thereby can cause a little bit of damage to your nails.

  • Moisturize Well: Moisturization is important for the keeping the skin hydrated. Even your hands need the same grooming as your face does, so just apply a considerable amount of lotion to your hands and keep swirling both your hands along in a circular motion stressing on your nerves. This also relaxes your fingers and palm due to cross application by other hand.
  • Beautify At Home: It is not important to always sit back in the parlour and have a manicure done. Try to assemble things at home and use lukewarm water to nourish them well. Use a narrow ice cream stick and press your cuticles towards the arms, apply a small amount of oil over them and dab a bit of it with a cotton ball, then soak them in water and then moisturize your nails lightly. This also helps increase blood circulation inside and gradually helps to increase your natural nail size than normal.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Pictures

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24, 1969 and is a very famous Hollywood singer and actress. She gained her first prominence as a dancer in ‘In Living color’ after which she got into her acting career and singing career alongside. 

Jennifer Lopez is currently running in her late 40s and the kind of body figure she has is just perfect. Her body is no less than that of a sexy model and that hats off to her that she maintains such a fantastic body figure at this age. The singer and dancer is blessed with a beautiful body and perfect curves and that it is commendable how she manages such a body with so much of work all day long. In an interview she recalls “I remember when I had baby fat and my thighs were so out of proportion to my ankles,” then I remember dropping weight and being quite thin. Then, when I got pregnant, I remember watching my back, belly and butt grow and thinking, ‘I will never be the same again.’ Then I remember right after the twins were born having that weird jiggly belly — and kind of loving that, too. Because I earned that jiggly belly. Then came trying to get my body back into shape and how long that took. A whole year.”

She says she never lets body weight stress her and now that she is so much into her routine that she has no time for other activities and sets her health prior to anything else. Her diet plan is very particular and that she is known for her patient lifestyle and good eating habits. Source Of Information celebrityplasticsurgeryxp.com

It is often said that her breakfast is a 90 calorie Chocolate Body lab shake to which she says ““I do it with quinoa milk or water.” I also drinks coffee — but it’s decaf.  I haven’t had caffeine in years.”    Her diet plan includes grilled fishes, salmon and vegetable juices along with salad usually comprising of broccoli, zucchini and bell peppers. Her diet is protein rich and she includes a lot of quinoa and water in her diet. Her dinner includes rice, beans, pork and chicken.

She starts her exercises early in the morning which includes boxing, planks and pushups. She also performs cardio exercises and a bit of every exercise as an overview.

Also she believes for a beautiful body it’s important to have a good sleep, which she aspires to get a 9 to 10 hour sleep but falls for seven to eight hours of sleep. She avoids attending parties, and follows a completely organic diet which is sugar and salt free. Processed food has never been a part of her diet and she is not into any sort of addiction like smoking or drinking. She has a completely practical outlook towards life and lives a life full of good habits. Her food consumption is extremely organic and distinct and is solely meant for her good health and lifestyle. Such a diet plan surely reflects why JLo has such a great body design. In the Recent Rumors It was revealed the Jennifer lopez Plastic Surgery Pictures Were not fake.

Ways To Protect Your Skin

Your skin is the only property that should be managed with utmost care. It is sensitive and is something that represents you, so taking care of it becomes your most important property. A few essential tips and tricks can help you take care of the most essential property of yours and all you need to do is a bit of hard work solely for your own god. So here is a small list of beauty tips to take care of your beautiful skin to maintain its radiance forever.

  • Reduce Exposure To Sun: Though getting into the sun is good to grab some Vitamin D, but sun is meant to radiate UV rays which indirectly harm our skin and may lead to skin cancer gradually or may end up to loss in skin pigmentation level or spots and wrinkles. So it is better to take preventive measures and it is advisable to apply sunscreen or some other skin care product. These products will help you prevent any early damage to your skin and may prevent you from any skin disease.
  • Cleanse And Exfoliate: It is extremely important to remove your makeup and that if it rests on your skin then a gradual loss of skin cells would become consistent. So cleansing is very important, use a mild face wash that is a pH balanced face wash so that it maintains the skin neutrality and helps remove your upper dead skin. Exfoliation at the same time is also important at least twice a week, it helps in purifying your skin and opens the clogged pores and gives you a refreshing appearance.
  • Drink Water: Staying hydrated is the most important concept of a healthy body and that drinking body is very useful to flush out all the toxins from the body. Drinking water also clears all the skin blemishes and helps to make your skin clear and radiant. Also prevent bathing for long durations because it gradually dries your skin and may lead to falling off of dead skin and also use lukewarm water for bathing or face wash not hot water. You Will be amazed to Know that Water is one of the main Components of Kate Middleton’s Diet Plan
  • Be Cognizant Of Your Skin: Knowing your skin type is very important. People blindly buy products watching varied advertisements unknowingly. Get to know your skin type and then select the correct type of moisturizer and skin products to avoid any sort of defection. Also remember to check every product you use over your palm or hands to avoid any skin inflammation.
  • Take Care Of Sensitive Areas: Areas like your lips and under eye are considered to be sensitive so take care of the fact that you timely remove your makeup and cleanse them well. These parts are highly sensitive and may show reaction to products anytime. So be sure of the fact that what you use and the quantity if it should be accurate enough to prevent any skin damage of any sort, because it is your best friend.

Take care!