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Did Salman Khan Follow’s a Secret Diet Plan

Salman Khan Diet Plan

Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan who is well known as Salman Khan, captured the  Indian cinema almost two decades ago but refuses to look a day older. Salman is not only loved for his fluent acting skills but also for the “model of inspiration” he is. His well sculpted body is the reason he is the reason several newbies could get inspired and come on the board. He is like the person who turns raw people into Gold, or you can call him a selfless Godfather. He manages to influence young brigade just because his body is still perfect from every inch and no surprise he is known as the “Shirtless Wonder” of Bollywood.

Salman is known as the most fit person of his age and for his regular dedication. He hardly missed his workout sessions till date, for him long and tight schedules are not an excuse to miss his gym.fiTales of his discipline and dedication are well surfaced on all talk shows, promptional events, etc. Salman always gave the credits of his success and charm to the fact he feels and looks so fit.  Here is a look at the diet that supports the Tiger of Indian film industry.

Salman Khan Diet Plan

His fitness schedules are tight and effective but you need to Club it with a perfect diet which asks for a couple of sacrifices. Salman surely had to go off his way and leave his favourite spicy food at a bay. Salman confessed his taste buds kept craving for Indian food like Pav bhajis, and Italian pizzas . He even had a sweet tooth and couldn’t do without Ice-creams.

His diet and fitness schedule went under drastic changes when the expert Manish Advilkar came on board as his trainer.  It believed that it was Manish’s diet that brought changes in her personality, looks, energy levels. Salman’s diet and Workout is possibly designed in such a way that it feeds him with maximum amount of proteins using components like fish, egg white, meat, and milk. These all products are protein rich and perfect to have with his kind of strict workout procedure.

Taking care of your portions and their protein is important but According to Salman, one should also avoid processed food and the ones that are packed using heavy quantity of salt and  sugar. He is fit because he two things work in his favor, his intakes are pre cautious and he makes sure that his workout kills 3000 calories in a day.


  • Salman takes 4 egg (whites) along with a glass of boiled milk without any sugar or sugar substitute.
  • Pre-workout:
  • Again 2 eggs (only white portion),  amino acid tablets plus his customised protein shake
  • Post workout:
  • He gorges on Crunchy Almonds, oats, 3 egg (only white) and a protein bar
  • Lunch: Vegetables of his choice and salad is a must and 5 chapatis in total.
  • Snack: A quick Protein bar
  • Dinner: Vegetables stock,  fish/chicken, 2 egg whites.

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