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Features To Look Out For While Buying The Smart Phone

Androids are so in these days because of the wide range of features they offer from free applications to great camera quality, also they come in great looks. Android looks are becoming the talk of the town off lately.

Buying a new phone, you must look for key features as follows-

4G Network

One must consider the phone which must support 4G networks, which provide high speed networking. Till date not all Android phones in market come up with 4G network. So ensure that you check the specifications of your phone.


You have different options while selecting an Android device. You can select one that fulfills your needs, as every age group has different needs. Phone must not have full keyboard as it adds to bulk. Many upcoming devices are touchscreen but one must be careful with this. And one must consider size and resolution of the screen. Try the phone in different lighting conditions, as it can adversely affect the screen. And see how display looks like.


All phones differ with their features as well as with prices. All Android phones come up with 12 megapixel and some offers camera in front for conferencing. Some phones provide with feature of capturing photos while making a video. Make sure you choose the best one as per your need.


All phones run on the different Android OS and didn’t get updated version as soon as possible. This is one of the weakness of the Android OS and to have to search before buying a set. Try to buy a latest version of Android phone, so that you don’t have to upgrade it. Update schedule is quite complex but it’s main strength is open source background which means anyone can develop apps for Android. This helps Android market to grow.


The specifications of two Android phones can be similar, but the device made by them may work differently. That means, phone made by Samsung may work differently one made by Micromax. Some companies  overlays Android OS, which changes changes its interface. For example, Samsung uses TouchWiz as a interface, which adds to different phone features and resources effortlessly. Similarly, Motorola uses MotoBlur, which agglomerates info from different networks. These additional interfaces vary from company to company. In different phones from same company, you might experience a lot different in them too.

Before buying, research for the upcoming Android phones that will be realising soon. You can head to various local stores and look for choices. So that you can check for reviews of phones that you like and want to buy. There will always be a situation like whether to buy now or wait for new phone you are thinking of. As technology is improving and changing instantly.

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