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How To Groom Your Nails

How To Groom Your Nails

Every part of your body is as essential as the food you eat. It is important to take care of your nails the similar way as you take care of your hair and skin because even they form an important part of your body. Talking about finger nails is surely not talking about nail polish application or trimming the, it’s about grooming them and taking care of them. A simple manicure would definitely not mean that you groom your nails well; it is all about how you keep them. So here we have a small list of nail grooming techniques that will help you to flaunt them better because you never know when you would have to shake hands with a star.

Nail filing: Probably the most important thing to groom your nails is that you trim and file them well. Usually people end up cutting nails in a very rough manner and end up filing them. So the best way to file your nails is to file them in one direction to avoid any rough ends. Do not file them to and fro, just follow a direction and you will get smooth edges and perfect nails.

Never trim your cuticle: While you cut your nails, be sure of the fact that you cut till a level and not till the very deep level. Also what people usually does is that they end up cutting their cuticular skin which actually hurts bad. Just avoid that thin layer and if at all accidently you scrap it just don’t pull it back and let it be there or may be cut it till the very level with a nail cutter or while bathing when skin becomes soft.

Never furbish: Usually people apply nail coats till their nails become glossy and shiny. So never buff and apply the right amount of coat needed, otherwise the chemicals in the polishes may destroy the general protein in your nails and thereby can cause a little bit of damage to your nails.

  • Moisturize Well: Moisturization is important for the keeping the skin hydrated. Even your hands need the same grooming as your face does, so just apply a considerable amount of lotion to your hands and keep swirling both your hands along in a circular motion stressing on your nerves. This also relaxes your fingers and palm due to cross application by other hand.
  • Beautify At Home: It is not important to always sit back in the parlour and have a manicure done. Try to assemble things at home and use lukewarm water to nourish them well. Use a narrow ice cream stick and press your cuticles towards the arms, apply a small amount of oil over them and dab a bit of it with a cotton ball, then soak them in water and then moisturize your nails lightly. This also helps increase blood circulation inside and gradually helps to increase your natural nail size than normal.

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