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Omg Hwang Kwanghee Had Plastic Surgery

Hwang Kwanghee

Hwang Kwanghee is mononymously as Kwanghee, and he is the member of South Korean boyband ZE:A headed by Star empire entertainment. The band debuted with single Mazeltov in 2010. He is popular for his variety show. He hold a Guinness World Record for wearing most T- shirts in “2011 Environment Day”. In 2012, he grabbed the role in Marrying The Mafia 5, Ronin Pop and Gladiators of Rome 3D. He also worked in several variety shows including Office reality- Ze, Ze ritonjeu, Strong Heart, Star Golden bell, Let’s go! Dream Team, MBC Star Battle and Weekly Idol. He officially sing some of the music videos that includes Mazeltov, All day long, my only wish, heart for 2, daily daily, phoenix and breathe.

1. Nose Job

Kwanghee had a naturally broader bridge. He had genuine reasons for undergoing a nose job, he confessed that he found it way to broader than usual and rather preferred a bridge that is narrower. Rhinoplasty was the way to his success, it’s the surgery that enhances and chisel downs the nose cut.   His surgeon was his magician who gave him “a fresh breath of air” in the form of a nose.

2. Face Lift

He had a pointed tip and a longer face cut. After passing years in the music industry, he found the need to get a much round face.As a result, now his nose is shaped to perfection and complements his charm.He converted his genetically oval face into a round one using surgeon’s knife. This boy band singer now owns a face cut which he crafted on his own, he didn’t have to rely on genes for.His entire face looks lifted and this treatment is also anti-ageing.

3. Jawline Surgery

His Jawline surgery is well known, as the shape and are of his jaw has changed significantly. The jaw area should be subtle and well crafted, if you are going to be on the camera for most of your life. Any trace of excess skin around that area steals away all the charm and make you look fatter for no reason.

A good jawline, lifted face and great rhinoplasty, what else do you need to make a fortune, in glam world. This is  the maximum luck you can bid for. Fortunately, the entire jawline complements the other tiny augmentation procedures and adds heavy amount of charm to his already pleasing personality.

4. Skin Color

Who does crave for a few shades lighter, no matter how much you are against racism. Kwanghee, once got all the features at a place with above mentioned exceptionally brilliant surgeries. He just got smitten with the urge of perfection and couldn’t resist himself from getting his facial skin polished a bit lighter than before.

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