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Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Pictures

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24, 1969 and is a very famous Hollywood singer and actress. She gained her first prominence as a dancer in ‘In Living color’ after which she got into her acting career and singing career alongside. 

Jennifer Lopez is currently running in her late 40s and the kind of body figure she has is just perfect. Her body is no less than that of a sexy model and that hats off to her that she maintains such a fantastic body figure at this age. The singer and dancer is blessed with a beautiful body and perfect curves and that it is commendable how she manages such a body with so much of work all day long. In an interview she recalls “I remember when I had baby fat and my thighs were so out of proportion to my ankles,” then I remember dropping weight and being quite thin. Then, when I got pregnant, I remember watching my back, belly and butt grow and thinking, ‘I will never be the same again.’ Then I remember right after the twins were born having that weird jiggly belly — and kind of loving that, too. Because I earned that jiggly belly. Then came trying to get my body back into shape and how long that took. A whole year.”

She says she never lets body weight stress her and now that she is so much into her routine that she has no time for other activities and sets her health prior to anything else. Her diet plan is very particular and that she is known for her patient lifestyle and good eating habits. Source Of Information celebrityplasticsurgeryxp.com

It is often said that her breakfast is a 90 calorie Chocolate Body lab shake to which she says ““I do it with quinoa milk or water.” I also drinks coffee — but it’s decaf.  I haven’t had caffeine in years.”    Her diet plan includes grilled fishes, salmon and vegetable juices along with salad usually comprising of broccoli, zucchini and bell peppers. Her diet is protein rich and she includes a lot of quinoa and water in her diet. Her dinner includes rice, beans, pork and chicken.

She starts her exercises early in the morning which includes boxing, planks and pushups. She also performs cardio exercises and a bit of every exercise as an overview.

Also she believes for a beautiful body it’s important to have a good sleep, which she aspires to get a 9 to 10 hour sleep but falls for seven to eight hours of sleep. She avoids attending parties, and follows a completely organic diet which is sugar and salt free. Processed food has never been a part of her diet and she is not into any sort of addiction like smoking or drinking. She has a completely practical outlook towards life and lives a life full of good habits. Her food consumption is extremely organic and distinct and is solely meant for her good health and lifestyle. Such a diet plan surely reflects why JLo has such a great body design. In the Recent Rumors It was revealed the Jennifer lopez Plastic Surgery Pictures Were not fake.

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